Author Work / Brother Upkeep…

I’m really surprised that I’ve managed to keep doing my diary every day so far – do you know how many times I’ve tried to keep a diary in the past and failed miserably?!

Many. Since I was about 8.

I think part of the reason I’m able to maintain the interest and motivation to keep this one going is the interaction I constantly get from you guys. Your comments and opinions make something as simple as a diary a truly awesome, unique experience.

So thank you – all of you – for making this so interesting for me. I really appreciate it.

Now as far as today goes, it’s been mixed with author work and brother upkeep.

Author work: worked on the end story for Nephilim, did some revision work on The Secret Life of Miel (including new cover art and font choices), did some work on my Zazzle account (will reveal when it’s finished!), and flushed out Nephilim with a few more little tidbits and events.

Brother upkeep: sometimes it’s easy to neglect the people you care about. You get wrapped up in things like your job, hobbies, passions, friends, etc. that the people you truly care about get ignored and neglected. For some reason, that was one of the first things on my mind this morning, so I marched straight into my brother’s room and informed him that today was going to be all about him. I would do some author work, sure, but I wanted us to spend some quality time together. You should have seen the look on his face: part fear, part suspicion, part disbelief… It was adorable. But I didn’t have any ulterior motives…and I proved that to him as the day drew on. We watched some movies, cooked together, and even watched some weird show about midgets on Lifetime (getting him to watch Lifetime alone was a huge feat – I think the only reason he agreed to it was because he caught a glimpse of one of the midgets, a hot little proportioned Russian number that even I had to admit was stunning).

To sum the day up, it was a really relaxed, pleasant day.

Hopefully, yours was too.

Until tomorrow…


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