Lazily productive…

So I’m over here screaming like a banshee over this damn Cowboys game and my brother comes over and sits calmly down next to me and pulls me to him, giving me a long, close hug. And then he tells me he loves me, and that no matter what, he always will.

After I got over my initial shock, I went straight girly on his ass: hugging back fiercely, crying a little, damn near crawling into his lap.

Why can’t all guys do things like this? Seriously? Just because. For no reason. I mean, all of you have the potential. You just choose not to. Why? Do you have any idea how much more you would get laid if you did shit like this? I’m just saying. Trust me…

Anyway, my day today has been “lazily productive”. In between catching up on my Prison School manga and writing, I’ve been finishing my tasks up – which, I am proud to say, I actually did. Until next week, at least. 😀 It’s been a really lazy day, and it’s something I sorely needed. Especially since I know the week coming up is going to be a bit hectic.

Anyway, back to my Cowboys game. After that, a quick run outside, then shower / bed. I’ll see you all tomorrow!


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