I am seriously humbled by the reviews my beta readers have been giving me over “Nephilim: Daybreak”. I’ll be posting these reviews from time to time, because honestly they really touch my heart, and I want to share them with you guys. I took a big risk when I wrote Nephilim because it was not only completely out of my comfort zone but time-consuming to boot – time I could have spent writing “guaranteed money-makers”, like more Quickies stories.

From what I’ve been hearing, however, my gamble has paid off.

In fact, it’s caused me to completely change my mind.

My original intention was to write Nephilim, write Mya, and then take a year off from writing. After some thoughts, however (and a few death threats :-D) I’ve decided to finish off the Nephilim series, write Mya, THEN take a year off. Since there’s five books in the Nephilim series and Mya is a full-fledged novel, I’ll be around for a while. I may even through a few more Quickies out there when I need to take a literary break.

So in other words, you guys are stuck with me for a little while longer! 🙂

Anyway, I’m drinking tonight, so I’m going to end this journal entry before the alcohol starts really kicking in. I want to write a bit more of the second Nephilim book before I go to bed anyway, so I’ll see you all tomorrow.


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