Goodbye. For now.

I need a break.

From writing. It’s not that I’m tired of being a writer or anything – in reality, I’m just getting started. I mean, I love writing. I really do. But after finishing such a huge project as “Nephilim: Daybreak”, I kind of just want to relax and enjoy time with the girlfriend for a bit, you know? I’m not taking a yearlong vacation or anything like I had originally planned, I just want to take a brief break before I jump back into the second book in the Nephilim series, “Prisoner”. I just need to step away from the keyboard for a bit and fill the tank back up – if that makes any sense. (If you’re a writer, I’m betting it does.) 

That doesn’t mean I’m stopping my diary entries – you aren’t that lucky. I’ll still be writing in it every day, and I’ll be keeping a gun to my brother’s head while he writes his next book – which, as far as I know, is the next book in his Change series. I have no idea what it’s going to be called, though. Motherfucker doesn’t tell me anything, especially about his writing career! Which is frustrating at times, because I’m hands down his biggest fan! 😀

Anyway, I’ll see you all tomorrow, and while I’ll be promoting “Daybreak” for the rest of the month pretty heavily, know that I’m really just soaking up some love and smiling while I take a break from it all. Keep in touch, though – I’ll be back. 😉


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