Writing Vacation Day 1 of 7

So, this is the first day of my weeklong writing vacation. I’m not going to write anything (except for my daily Diary entries) until next Monday. I’m already starting to feel a withdrawal twitch; this morning, for example, I woke up, turned my laptop on, and started opening documents as normal – and then had to forcibly close everything and pry my hands away from the computer. It wasn’t pretty.

This week is going to be interesting.

Especially since my big brother is almost tauntingly writing the shit out of his latest Change book.

I guess this just means I’ll have to catch up on things like socializing, anime, and Chrono Trigger. :-/ Anything author related I’m basically just putting off until next Monday. As much as I hate to say it, I do need this break, especially after giving birth to Nephilim: Daybreak, which was a huge undertaking for me.

Anyway, until tomorrow…





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