Beta Reader Hit Squad!

I’m not gonna lie: my body is hating the shit out of me right now. I just recovered from the flu and decided to go to Walmart yesterday and do some shopping for home crap and woke up last night at about 2 AM coughing like a non-smoker trying to smoke one of those Cheech & Chong joints.

I’ve been up ever since.

I’ve still been plowing through my tasks (and even writing), but to be honest it’s only through sheer force of will and love that I did anything at all today.

Aside from my throat feeling like a weed whacker was turned on inside of it, it’s actually been a good day.

For starters, two of the members of my Beta Reader Hit Squad (my newly minted name for them) already finished reading Qedesha (they love it), and the rest are either reading it or about to start reading it soon. When they finish, I’m going to change the story a bit based on their input and then throw it at my editor – after that, it’s in your hands (via Amazon)!

And, in case you haven’t noticed, my website is in the process of being made over. My poor Nichol’s family slave lackey web-dude is working his buns off getting it updated, and I don’t envy him. I basically threw a master’s thesis-length document of changes at him and cracked a whip. Fortunately, he’s a phenomenal (and talented) guy, so he didn’t even blink an eye. He just said no problem and jumped right on it (after he taunted me for not drinking alcohol anymore)! See, things like this are why I recommend him so often – dude’s my hero.

Anyway, it’s getting late. I was soaking in a nice hot bath for about an hour and lost track of time, so I’m out of here for now.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back to my normal fierce self.

Until then…







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