Chapped nose

So I just got a message from my cover artist saying that my next cover – my last cover of the year – will be ready in the next 12 hours. And about 30 minutes ago I received a nice length email from one of the members of my Beta Reader Hit Squad detailing out what she thinks needs to be changed about the story. A great way to end the day!

Especially since the day part of the day was so weird for me. Mainly because for the first time in my life I actually managed to get a chapped nose from blowing it so much. Which made me get all experimental and put lotion on it, which makes it sting like all hell for about 10 minutes, but in the long run makes the pain go away.


I also had Anne over today to just hang out, and I spent most of the day using her right arm as a pillow and sleeping. Chick is super comfortable! And since she’s sick too, I wasn’t worried about infecting her, like I am with, say, my brother, who would be my normal pillow go-to. (Which he hates because he doesn’t like laying down unless it’s time to sleep, while I love me some naps when I can get them.)

And that’s pretty much been the extent of my day.

Since I slept so much today I’ll probably end up staying up tonight and editing Qedesha a bit before it gets released to Amazon, so if any of you happen to be up also, hit me up.

Otherwise, until tomorrow…




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