Marketplace coming soon!

Yeah, see, I have a twisted mind. If you’ve ever read any of my books (or even my Diary entries) you probably already know that. I use this twistedness frequently in my writing (which is probably why I sell anything at all 😀 ) and now – I’m using it to make a product line!

I mentioned this a while back, and my web dude Jamie has been insistently prodding me about it, but I wanted to get a little ahead on my writing before I took time off and did it. So now my website has been readied, my online store account has been created, and one of my graphic designers is working on my first thing now! It’s going to be a t-shirt based on The Secret Life of Miel. You’ll see. It’s going to be awesome.

I’ll post it in my Diary the second it goes live.

Until tomorrow…







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