Another night of insomnia…

I hate not being able to sleep. I really try, even sometimes blackmailing my big brother into giving me a backrub, but most of the time even that doesn’t work.

It’s almost as if cosmic forces are at work just to keep me awake.

Maybe it has a more mundane reason. I am having stomach cramps, after all. I can usually sleep anyway, but last night they were particularly nasty. Maybe I just need to take my brother’s advice and take medication or something to me get to sleep. I dunno.

On the plus side, I did manage to get a lot of writing stuff done. I ravaged Pinterest, completely finished No Daddy! I’m (STILL) Not Mommy!, and got tons of behind the scenes author crap finished for Voyeur: Season 1, Episode 4. Including a new line of shirts for #Hashtag. It was a productive day, but at what cost?

Just to make sure I go to sleep tonight, I didn’t drink any coffee and stayed awake the entire day. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what will.

Wish me luck.





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