Programming Sophia

Programming Sophia


Question everything you think you know…

Sophia Weis and her husband of three years, Michael, were married right out of college. Their whirlwind courtship was happy, fulfilling, and full of joy and togetherness.
After college, Michael got an excellent job with a large corporation which enabled them to buy a good home in a nice neighborhood near the city.
They lived a perfect life.
Until they didn't.
Michael, unbeknownst to his doting wife, had made powerful and strange enemies – enemies that would stop at nothing to bend her to their will, even going so far as to kidnap her when he was away and brainwash her into their strange, powerful, and sexually depraved cult.
For a purpose much grander than Michael – or Sophia – ever dreamed possible…

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Alexa Nichols




30th June 2017




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