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About Me

A motherfucking princess. Who also happens to be a writer. I like to mix erotica, romance, and paranormal in my writing.
Huge fan of the word "motherfucker." 

Alexa Nichols is a full-time writer who loves to write - and read - romance, erotica, and supernatural stories. She draws a lot of inspiration from her hobbies, such as reading, manga, anime, and Dungeons & Dragons, which she’s played since she was a little(r) girl. Her main passion is writing, however, and she finds herself doing it (and thinking about it) regularly.

She’s also bisexual and is an ardent supporter of lesbian and gay rights. She does tend to lean more towards the females than the males though, so she guesses this makes her lesbianish.

Much love to my current supporters on Patreon in the Disciple and higher tiers, such as Bert Wall, Troy Lake, DJay Sweeting, and Karyn Zen! You guys rock! 🤘


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