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Most of my books take place in the same universe (I like to call it the Alexaverse), and contain characters and situations found in other books I’ve written. Each story stands completely on its own though, and reading anything else is not necessary for its enjoyment.

If you'd like to read the books in the chronological order that the stories were intended to be read in, click here to jump to the timeline.


The order of the following books indicates the chronological order that the stories were intended to be read in, regardless of series or when they were released. Note that reading in the suggested order will be much more fun than reading them individually, as they each contain references and characters from the books before.

  1. Mya
  2. Please Don't Get Me Pregnant!
  3. Qedesha (Sacred Prostitution)
  4. The Champion’s Gift (A Qedesha Story)
  5. The Qedesha’s Handmaiden
  6. The Siren’s Song
  7. Gifted
  8. Taken
  9. The Mirror People
  10. Programming Sophia
  11. Killer Lolis
  12. Paying His Debts
  13. Knocked Up in Prison!
  14. When Daddy Was Away!
  15. The Doctor’s In
  16. Breaking in The Babysitter
  17. Erotic Urban Legends: That's What Friends Are For
  18. Girl Fight
  19. Voyeur: Season 1
  20. Voyeur: Season 2
  21. Erotic Urban Legends: Taboo
  22. Naughty Professor
  23. Phi Beta Pie
  24. The Secret Life of Miel
  25. No, Daddy! I'm Not Mommy!
  26. Relieving Daddy!
  27. No, Daddy! I’m (STILL) Not Mommy!
  28. Cramming Sis!
  29. Erotic Urban Legends: Sisters
  30. Little Dead Girls: Cat
  31. Little Dead Girls: Stormy
  32. Little Dead Girls: Lilith
  33. Little Dead Girls: Brittany
  34. Little Dead Girls
  35. Devious Bitches
  36. Naughty Cheerleaders!
  37. Forbidden
  38. Family Values
  39. Cramming Sis! Again!
  40. Daddy Dearest!
  41. Haunted
  42. Amore
  43. Horror Feminae
  44. One-night Stand
  45. Knocking Up The MILF
  46. Erotic Urban Legends: The Patchwork Girl
  47. Erotic Urban Legends: The Hook Up
  48. The Girl in The Mirror
  49. Taking Care of Daddy
  50. My Father, My Baby Daddy
  51. After Class
  52. Exitium Mundi: Everyone
  53. Exitium Mundi: Lyriq
  54. Exitium Mundi: April
  55. Exitium Mundi: Sera
  56. Exitium Mundi: Mike
  57. Exitium Mundi: Jamie
  58. Exitium Mundi: Everyone 2
  59. Nephilim: Daybreak
  60. Erotic Urban Legends: The Casting Couch
  61. Nephilim: Prisoner
  62. Nephilim: Slaughter
  63. Nephilim: Death
  64. Nephilim: Goddess
  65. Erotic Urban Legends: Broken Wings
  66. Nephilim: Slaughter
  67. Interview with A Werewolf
  68. Erotic Urban Legends: Pulse
  69. Erotic Urban Legends: Paramnesia

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