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Nephilim: Prisoner

Sometimes love can set you free; others, it will drive you insane…

Jazmyn Eristov is a girl unlike any that have come before her, and because of this, her world is slowly, completely, and relentlessly unraveling.
It started when she came back from the dead after plummeting from a massive skyscraper, breaking every bone in her body.
Shortly after, her father was kidnapped.
And then she found herself trapped in a maddening love triangle, pulled by inexplicable forces towards a man whose very existence threatened to shatter everything she thought she knew of our reality.
Things became stranger as she found herself caring for the child of her former best friend, a child delivered by spirits from a realm of absolute darkness.
They become even more bizarre as otherworldly creatures began appearing all across the city, causing unbridled death and pandemonium wherever they went.
All while powerful and mysterious entities begin hunting her on a mythical island as enigmatic as it is dangerous.

And then there is the being held prisoner inside her, who may be the key to it all…

Kindle eBook - $4.99
Paperback - $19.99

Kindle eBook - $2.99
Paperback - $6.99


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