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Exitium Mundi: Everyone 2

The world is beginning to crumble.

April is pregnant.

Jamie is newly engaged.

Michael is on the edge of completely losing his mind.

April's stepmother has finally revealed her true identity.

And Dawn is missing.

To punctuate all this, April is given an ultimatum by a creature almost as old as time itself, and her decision will decide the fate of not only her friends but the world as well.

Add in a brief trip to the future, a sinfully delicious threesome, and two of the most powerful Nephilim's to ever exist, and you get a cataclysmic conclusion - and unbelievable beginning - to the wild roller coaster ride that has been the Exitium Mundi...

Kindle eBook - $2.99
Paperback - $6.99

Kindle eBook - $2.99
Paperback - $6.99

Kindle eBook - $3.99
Paperback - $7.99


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