Good Girls Gone Bad

Three innocent girls. Three erotic tales. One foregone conclusion…

One is a superstar who is slowly losing her mind, family, and friends.

Another is a lifelong victim of sexual abuse who has had to fight for her life – literally – on a daily basis.

The last is a girl who refuses to let small things like dimensions and species stand in the way of what she perceives as true love.

Each of these girls, completely unrelated, share one thing in common: they are all strong, determined, and share a tragic history that changed them from innocent, wide-eyed girls into something, well, not…

This book is a compilation of the novels Amore: A Love StoryGirl Fight, and Killer Lolis.

Kindle eBook - $2.99
Paperback - $6.99
Audiobook - $6.95

Kindle eBook - $2.99
Paperback - $6.99
Audiobook - $6.08


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