The Qedesha Trilogy

The rise and fall of the most enigmatic, powerful woman in the world…

This anthology tells the sensual tale of the young initiate Keira and her rise to the position of Qedesha, or sacred prostitute, and her sudden unexpected fall after methodically slaughtering a group of innocent young Initiates.

One of the survivors, Eliza, was granted the title of Qedesha, and not only goes on to save an arena slave from captivity but surprisingly takes a young woman, a Qedesha Initiate, as her handmaiden, only to have her husband secretly fall into an intense, erotic relationship with her resulting in a child that will one day change the world…

This book is a compilation of the books Qedesha (Sacred Prostitution)The Champion’s Gift, and The Qedesha’s Handmaiden


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