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Erotic Urban Legends: Taboo


Erotic psychological horror. With a twist…
Troy has known Penny his entire life and has had feelings for her for just as long. He has always been her best friend, her confidant, and a constant resident of the accursed ‘friend zone.’ Things change quickly when his father married her mother, and accelerated even further when her best friend, Lolo, talks them into accompanying her to a nightclub she works at.
To spend the night.
But there’s a catch.
What makes matters worse is that Lora Lopez, better known as Lolo, is an enigma to Troy. At times she’s warm, others harsh and acidic; Lolo is a young woman who obviously holds many secrets. Many are about herself and her family, some are about Penny, and some even have to deal with him.
All will come to a head in an explosive, unexpected way on an intense, erotic night that none of them will ever forget…

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October 1, 2022







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