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Belle Parker hated her father's vision of teaching religion to a small nomadic jungle tribe. She found them and their customs repulsive and felt her youth wasted in the hot stifling jungles completely removed from civilized society. She was young, attractive, and more than anything else, she wanted to travel the world and meet all manner of exotic men. Maybe even find one worth giving her cherished and tightly guarded virginity to.

She actively avoided any kind of contact with the natives, and they, in turn, left her alone.

Until a group of them, wild and fueled by intense sexual frustration, kidnapped Belle and took her far away from her father, intent on showing her just how erotically depraved they could be…

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Kinky Richie’s Kinky Sonnet For “Taken” By Alexa Nichols

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, thugs don’t sleep tonight.
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, Belle Parker is in their sight
Alexa Nichols wrote a steamy book titled: ‘Taken’
‘Bout the missionary’s daughter who’s gonna’ be forsaken

She’s young, she’s sweet, she’s gonna taste so good
This group ain’t gonna’ act da’ way ‘dey should
Missionary Daddy done preached on deaf ears
And now they’re acting like all his worst fears

They bang his daughter in all her pure holes
She’s gonna’ be owned by big black poles
She’s theirs for their revenge and it’s gonna’ be fun
There’s plenty of her to share wit’ everyone

“Hey Daddy, let’s make a deal for your helpless kin
Get the fuck outta’ here with your shit about sin”

By Kinky Richie from, Feb 21, 2017

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14th February 2017







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