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Erotic Urban Legends: The Girl In The Mirror (A Girl Fight Story)


There are survivors. Victors. And then there are the others…

After Jamie came home from school and found her mother murdered in her bedroom, she began to unravel. She permanently severed ties with her boyfriend, quit going to school, and locked herself away from the few friends she had. She found herself alone, hurting, and suicidal.

And then her step-uncle came like a knight in shining armor, pulling her out of the darkness.

He was not the only one to come, however.

There was also the girl in the mirror: an enigmatic creature that seemed to appear when she least expected it, soothing her, befriending her, and occasionally showing her visions that chilled her blood, images that were obviously meant to tell her something.

To warn her.

Soon after seeing her, Jamie’s step-uncle began slipping into addiction, and she found herself unable to pull him out. Then came his newly minted friends, who not only led him into even deeper, darker forms of addiction, but also convinced him to enroll Jamie into a sex trafficking organization known as Girl Fight.

And then came Fatima, herself an unwilling member of Girl Fight, the only girl there willing to look past the shards of Jamie’s broken soul and attempt to help her heal.

But is she too little too late?

Straight from the pages of Girl Fight©…

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