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Girl Fight


Four lives. Innumerable secrets. A tragedy that binds them all…

Sara: A survivor of longtime sexual abuse, she is a girl with a shattered past who has been forced since childhood to fight for her life. Literally.
Tanya: The most invisible girl in school, she cuts to ease the pain of her life. And things are only getting worse.
Antonio: A man with a heart just as massive as his libido, he is trapped in a relationship built on unrequited love; a fact that is slowly breaking his heart and driving him insane.
Fatima: A girl hellbent on revenge. Though popular and social, she is slowly decaying over the secrets that she holds.

Tragedy brought them together, lust makes them inseparable, and love just might be the only thing that can save their lives…

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Kinky Richie’s Kinky Sonnet For "Girl Fight" By Alexa Nichols

Alexa, Alexa, what a story you wrote
And erotica readers should take some note
Girl Fight is the name of Ms. Nichols’ book
I wasn’t sure I’d like it when first taking a look

I thought it would be about females in the ring
But this kind of girl fighting is another thing
It’s about betting and not affording a loss
The payment will require seeing the sex den boss

It’s about using sex to pare down a debt
Until it’s paid they’ll be a winner’s pet
But there’s also plenty of love to match the hate
And it changes the fighters’ ultimate fate

If you wanna’ know why these girls even fight
Buy this book to get that insight

By Kinky Richie from

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27th December 2017







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