Please Don’t Get Me Pregnant! (Quickies)

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Read the erotic tale of a young woman’s adventurous past, and of her daughter’s untimely conception – and of the trials after, as she tries to survive on the streets the only way she knows how…

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7th June 2016






1 review for Please Don’t Get Me Pregnant! (Quickies)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Celal Kerem Gogus

    I went into the world of erotica just because of this author. She is highly energetic and creative… Paints my imagination with colors I’ve never seen before. And she definitely lets reader release the so called “morals” that imposed upon by society – did you ever asked yourself “who are they do judge?!” when you want to experience something so called “wild” sexually and emotionally?

    So many of us stuck on considering what other’s think and say about us. Let alone living our true passions in life, we are even scared mention about them.

    This author knows so well what I have buried in my heart for so long… and her loving compassion and sexual expression on her story moved me to tears. What she knows and what I buried my heart for so long is that SEX is nothing but an expression of LOVE – and for some its an expression anger. These two extreme end points symbolizes a universal balance and its like using electricity to brighten an entire city or execute a man.

    This particular story was one of the most mysterious and beautiful love, sex and magic story I’ve ever come across with. The simplicity of it blended with an elegance that only this author achieves in a natural way. I was excitedly, heatedly, agitatedly waited for new every single next word from start to finish.

    This was way above and beyond my expectations – its definitely not for the “holding back” type of people. This is something that frees you from a lot of things you holding back in your mind and heart.

    This author’s application and interpretation of the concept of erotica is nothing short of astonishing.

    I listened 3 audio books from her so far and this story was at the top for me for now and I’m pretty sure she has even more amazing concepts at her disposal.

    With every word she writes, creates a universe (she calls it Alexaverse) that I want to live forever.

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