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Paying His Debts


The innocent, young, and wide-eyed beauty Ellen Parker loves her new husband Kevin unconditionally and would do anything to keep him safe and happy.

Or so she thought.

After her uninsured and broke husband wrecks their truck into a carload of large, cold-hearted men, she is given an ultimatum: either they call the cops – which would result in her husband going to prison – or have the damages paid for with her young, nubile body.

All night long…

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Kinky Richie’s Kinky Sonnet For “Paying His Debts” By Alexa Nichols

Alexa Nichols, what does she got?
A debt payment story that is very hot!
It starts off nicely with a lovely ride
But the wife is about to lose her hide

It’s not cool banging into a gang
Gangbangers looking for a wife to bang
Too bad hubby let the insurance lapse
Soon she’ll be draped over their laps

The hubby watches as the wife makes good
They make the payment as rough as they could
She takes them on, one by one
But is she having too much fun?

The moral here is: call your agent
And for shit’s sake, make that payment!

By Kinky Richie from, Jan 29, 2017

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7th February 2017









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