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Exitium Mundi: April


April has always been a fighter. A survivor. A champion. But she never had to fight an enemy as lethal as herself.

April learned at a very young age to never trust anyone, especially adults. As a survivor of the notorious Girl Fight tournament, she found herself bouncing from foster home to foster home, unwanted, broken, and lost. Every day was a long, drawn-out haze, every night a nightmare.

And then the dark clouds that covered her existence parted, revealing Susan, a woman who took her in, adopting her, loving her. Susan showed her that not all adults were bad, that not all people were to be mistrusted. For the first time in her life, she was treated like a treasure, and she blossomed.

She found herself wanting to give something back, so she decided to use her skills as a fighter to teach the lower-income local youth. Under her tutelage, her students became champions.

And then her school was rocked by a deadly shooting, and she almost lost her life. Her savior, Michael, the one person she hated the most, was quickly becoming a permanent fixture in her mind. She found herself not only developing complicated feelings for him but wanting to share herself with him as well – in more ways than one. Doing so, however, could cost both of them their lives…

This is the third book in the seven-part Exitium Mundi series.

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1st July 2020







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