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Exitium Mundi: Mike


Michael Sebastián Garcia is a reforming bad boy, a loving father, and a chaotic soul. He is also dangerously close to literally losing his humanity…

Mike is a man on the edge. He can’t seem to shake the trauma of the school shooting several weeks prior, an event that catalyzed his relationship with his now-girlfriend April, and the flashbacks are attacking him with increasing realism and frequency. Nothing seems to ease his haunting, not even April – who has become quiet and distant herself.

The recent death of his former girlfriend Sera and his increasingly complex (and erotic) relationship with the mother of his child, Jamie, are only serving to throw him further down the hole of madness.

Lyriq is dead.

Aahil is too.

Life is becoming too much for the already troubled young man, and all the above are only the tip of the iceberg: there is also an intense, supernatural cold that seems to be growing within him, consuming him, causing him to become irrationally angry and hostile with only the slightest of provocation. And the strength, the energy he gains during those times… is both alluring and hypnotic.

The more he gives in to this gift, this curse, the more his sanity slips.

What happens when it is gone entirely?

This is the fifth book in the seven-part Exitium Mundi series.

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1st September 2020







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