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Exitium Mundi: Lyriq


Lyriq always had a hard time fitting in with others. His severe autism was only part of the problem…

Lyriq’s father recognized his musical ability when he was just a child and pushed him to compete in rap battles and songwriting competitions to help support the family. Lyriq not only excelled at these, but he mastered them. Making songs, rapping, was the only time he could truly express himself, where the world even remotely made sense.

He communicated through his music in a way he could never do in ordinary life.

And then he met Sera, the daughter of his father’s friend, and everything in his world changed. The two felt an immediate connection, and he found his feelings for her both powerful and confusing. She was smart, observant, inquisitive, and empathic; she was also the only person to ever look past his autism. She dug into him deeply, finding the real Lyriq, and frequently pulled it out against his will.

His world was bright, happy, and meaningful.

And then his father was murdered.

His mother turned to drugs and prostitution shortly after.

Though Lyriq still went to school, he was forced to do everything he could to financially provide for them, finding any way he could to help pay the bills.

And then things got darker. Literally…

This is the second book in the seven-part Exitium Mundi series.

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1st June 2020







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