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The Secret Life of Miel

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Step into the mind of a deeply troubled, haunted young woman in this sexually charged erotic love story that not only transcends death, but also explores an enigmatic, gothic world of absolute darkness – and the strange flesh-hungry creatures that comprise it…

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14th February 2016






1 review for The Secret Life of Miel

  1. Naive Gnostic

    The Secret Life of Miel is a mind twisting trip into the dark world of a woman with disturbing powers. Miel, having just come back from the dead, must deal with her scattered memories and what appears to be the Devil himself who is called Diavoloc, an all-powerful demon figure followed by a host of Underworld minions called Lost Souls. Miel is not completely on her own either. With her dark gifts and her special dark friend she fights against Diavoloc who has come to claim the life of her lover, Piotr.

    In the story, Miel faces her past as she fights her way toward an uncertain future. Horrors from her past re-emerge and thwart her efforts to save Piotr from the clutches of Diavoloc. And yet, like all good stories, everything is not as it seems. There are many time jumps. Miel is often confused by what she remembers. In a poorly crafted story this would almost certainly confuse the reader as well. Fortunately, the author does a good job of handling the time jumps, which are for the most part seamless and sensible.

    I enjoyed reading this story. It will keep you in suspense until the end, wondering what the hell is actually going on. The small amount of time needed to work your way through this dark tale is worth it. Overall the writing is good, clichés are minimal, and aside from the occasion minor grammar gaff the sentences are sensible making The Life of Miel an overall highly recommended read.

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