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Exitium Mundi: Jamie


Jamie has always been the mother of the group. Its heart. The mature, firm, and thoughtful one.
It’s funny how the end of the world can change a girl…

Jamie couldn’t believe it when she watched her former best friend, Jazmyn Eristov, fall to her death from a skyscraper on live television. She had an even harder time when she – and the world – found out that Jazmyn had somehow not only survived, but escaped from the hospital she was being treated in.

And then came the torrent of social media videos, showing Jazmyn fighting strange, powerful people with incredible, otherworldly strength.

Things became even stranger.

Jazmyn refused to answer her texts and calls.

Her relationship with her best friend April is in tatters.

Her relationship with April’s boyfriend, Michael, is rapidly blossoming into something neither of them is ready for.

And to top everything off, her boyfriend Stephen has been acting strange, hinting at something she has no clue how to interpret.

Then there are the voices in her head.

And the literal fight for her life against a woman that seems completely insane, who claims to not only have known Sera, but to have murdered her.

This is the sixth book in the seven-part Exitium Mundi series.

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1st October 2020







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