Erotic Urban Legends Volume 1


10 Erotic tales guaranteed to turn you on, submitted by erotica authors from all around the world. Within this book, you will find the story of a man who gets into a car wreck, and has nothing to pay with – except for his wife's body… a young woman who is converted by wild animalistic men into something she never dreamed she would be… a professor with much more than his curriculum on his mind… and other erotic yarns that will have you primed and perspiring until the very last page…

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Kinky Richie’s Kinky Sonnet For “Erotic Urban Legends Volume 1” By Alexa Nichols

Alexa, Alexa, what have you done?
Collecting stories; really hardcore-ones!
These women get it really rough
But sometimes it’s not nearly enough

They try real hard to resist their lust
Even tho’ their treatment isn’t just
They have their cunts and asses used
Their poor bodies get pretty abused

The husbands are often the ones to blame
Causing their wives so much shame
They use their bodies to pay the debt
Does it get rough? Hmmm. That’s a good bet!

Alexa, Alexa what have you done?
Collecting stories; really hard-core ones!

By Kinky Richie from KinkyLiterature.com

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30th November 2016





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