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No, Daddy! I’m (STILL) Not Mommy! (Quickies)


The much-requested sequel to one of the most controversial books on Amazon!

Amber dropped out of college soon after her tryst with her mother's husband – an incredibly erotic event that she’s having a hard time forgetting.
A situation made even more complicated by his baby growing within her.
So Amber, accompanied by her best friend Crystal, decide to approach the father of her child and reveal everything.
What happens next is something even her wildest, most erotic of dreams couldn't invent…

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Kinky Richie’s Kinky Sonnet For "No, Daddy! I'm (STILL) Not Mommy!" By Alexa Nichols

Poor Amber’s got to go task it
Telling the step-daddy ‘bout the one in the basket
He took her virginity and shot his load
But he’s not expecting what he has to be told

She brings friend Crystal to share the job
But all she cares about is her next suck job
Baby-Daddy taking a shower and someone slips away
With Mommy gone, it’s now time to play

The girls bring poor Mark to the movie show
They knock him out so his cock they can blow
The poor guy doesn’t know what is what
While the girls are playing with each other’s twats

Little sis, Amy, does what her big sister did
And she wonders if she too, will be having Mark’s kid

By Kinky Richie from; October 25, 2017

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25th September 2017





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