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Exitium Mundi: Everyone


For a group of five close friends, Spring Break has tragically come to an end. Even though the school year is resuming, all they can think about is striking out on their own and taking their first real steps into adulthood. Together.

  • April: Adoptee, sexual abuse survivor, boxer, trainer of lower-income local youth. She is fiery, headstrong, and has a foul, sharp mouth.
  • Jamie: Stoic, mature, mother of the five-year-old Dawn. She’s in an illicit affair with a much older man and is fighting hard to keep this a secret from her friends. And the school faculty.
  • Lyriq: Autistic, shy, and a natural musician. His musical talent is rivaled only by his love and dedication to Sera.
  • Michael: Reforming bad boy, father of Dawn, and driven by his hyperactive, consuming libido.
  • Sera: The school celebrity. Sera has an enormous social media following and budding career in Hollywood, but there is much about this young starlet that the world knows nothing about. Secrets that, if revealed, could mean not only the end for her but her entire family as well.

They thought they had life figured out. They had no idea the dark forces pooling around them, centered on one of their very own, and how devastatingly their lives – and the world – was about to change…

This is the first book in the seven-part Exitium Mundi series.

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1st May 2020







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