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Nephilim: Daybreak

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The world of Jazmyn Eristov changed forever when she woke out of a fugue to find herself on a narrow ledge, attempting to rescue a strange, exotic looking man from jumping.
She didn’t remember how or why she was there; she only knew that she had to rescue him, that his life was important, and that he lit every fiber of her deepest, most intimate parts aflame.

She didn’t expect to die.

In the world of the Nephilim, however, Death is only the beginning…

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A Sonnet Review For Alexa Nichols
By Kinky Richie from

Alexa Nichols wrote a new book
She asked me to take a quick look

Nephilim is the new book’s name
A sexy paranormal is its claim to fame

A man on a roof is about to jump off it
A girl named Jazmyn tries to do something about it

She slips and falls… but doesn’t die
Everybody wants to know exactly why

She’s very attracted to the suicidal man
Her boyfriend fights jealousy as hard as he can

Strange creatures care why she’s still alive
Capturing her is what they strive

I loved this book and so will you
If I was you, I’d read it too

By Kinky Richie

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12th November 2016








1 review for Nephilim: Daybreak

  1. Jamie

    I was hooked after the first chapter thinking “how is the author going to dig herself out of this one?”, but incredibly she did and made it work too. This book was great to read, it was easy to follow the story and I was transported into a world where anything seems possible.

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