The Itch…

I slept almost all day. My body, apparently, really needed to not only catch up on sleep but heal, too.
And heal it did! I feel almost 75% normal, with only a slight twinge of sickness. Which is good, because I have a full week ahead of me: revising “The Secret Life of Miel”, turning it into a paperback, starting my whole accessories (shirts, hats, etc.) deal with Zazzle… not to mention I need to get the end story for Nephilim finished and Nephilim as a whole at least in the green edit phase.

And then there’s real life!

None of this has me worried, however, because:
1. This is all immensely fun for me, and
2. I’m going to stay up all night tonight putting a dent in it.

I really don’t have a choice with the whole staying up all night thing because I slept so much today – there is no way in hell I could sleep anymore tonight. Which is not a big deal. I’ll just stay up all night / day tomorrow and go to sleep tomorrow night, effectively changing my sleeping schedule back to normal. The only challenge to this, of course, is that I’ll have to do so without Crackuccino. If I drink any Crackuccino, I’ll be up for several days, and I’m not about to go that route again.


On a more personal note, I’m starting to get restless with monotony. And I know this feeling well. It’s usually the catalyst for me going buck wild for a bit. I’ll hold it off for as long as I can because I really want to get all my writing projects done first, but… it’s like an itch that just gets worse over time…

Anyway, see everyone tomorrow!



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