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Abandoned, yet another audiobook, and writer’s block

Dear Diary, I don’t do well with being alone. My big brother is overseas, my bestie is hermiting, Anne is spending time with her family, Natalie is so distraught over Poundcake’s (her miniature schnauzer) passing that I gave her the rest of the week off, and Rebecca (my lick toy) is swamped with work. I…

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Making holes, Blur Head, and being ridiculously horny

Dear Diary, Remember all those days last week (especially this weekend) that I spent slacking and general just being lazy as hell? Well, today was the complete opposite – I burned a hole through my keyboard typing so much/getting things done. 😀 To start with, I completely finished putting The Qedesha’s Handmaiden together, then went…

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lazy day

Dear Diary, Hey everyone this is Anne how are y’all doing today? Me and Alexa been sleeping all day today. We just got up hour ago. I just came back from the store pick up something for me and Alexa, We been watching Braxton family values. I am still writing my story. Ya’ll have a great night. Alexa will be playing her game…

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