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I’m Weird

I’m weird. I mean, this really shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that even vaguely knows me, but today really just kind of emphasized it. See, I was on the bus running errands and thought it would be a good time to get some writing done. Which I often do during my commutes. No biggie.…

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If I want to remember anything about today, it is this: I wrote so much that my fingers almost fell off. It wasn’t really writing, I guess, but more editing and revising a project I’ve been working on for a while now called Erotic Urban Legends. Currently it’s sitting at 79,596 words and takes up…

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It’s interesting how many different points of views I get on my stories: some say they’re too soft, others say too hard, and still others say they’re not even truly erotica. 😄 I love it. I have my brother to thank for that. He said something interesting to me a while back when I was…

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God I was plastered yesterday. I had a lot of fun, granted, but I was completely wasted. I’m surprised that I even remembered to do a diary entry, much less slap one out. Let’s just say yesterday was…interesting…and leave it at that. 😉 I did get in a bit of trouble over posting that video,…

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Drunk as fuck

  I am drunk as fuck. So much has happened today that it would be strange to try and document it all.   To sum everything up: I spent the night at Anne’s, drank like a dehydrated fish, and am bvarely bl to type out this entry.                I also got almost 10 hours of writing…

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I suck

I completely suck at retirement. For one, I’m creating a paperback version of Nephilim: Daybreak. For two, I’m final-editing a monster of a book titled Erotic Urban Legends. And for three, I’m flushing out another long-as-hell story that I finished the rough draft for called Invictus. And that’s all today. I also managed to get…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I had a fantastic Thanksgiving with my brother and a handful of our closest friends, and hopefully you had a pleasant one also. I know it sounds cliché, but it really made me think of all the things I was truly thankful for, and first and foremost was: you guys. All of you. Even my…

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You know, it’s really hard to go through a meeting when your girlfriend is steadily texting you dirty messages. And, you know, the kind of girl I am, I have to respond, so I find myself sitting there getting all hot and bothered. While I’m supposed to be listening and taking notes. Fortunately, no one…

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New panties

Apparently, I need new panties. I was informed of this after Rebecca went through my intimates drawer (don’t ask – half the things she does leave me completely clueless) while I was putting up groceries from Wally World. She actually came into the kitchen holding several of my rattiest pairs – in front of my…

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