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Guess who’s back, deep thoughts, and a favor

Dear Diary, Guess who’s back, motherfuckers? This bitch! I am 100% healthy and have been blasting things all day like a motherfucking boss. I wrote well over 2,000 words on The Qedesha’s Handmaiden, knocked off all my tasks, and managed to get in some serious game time in on Final Fantasy XV. Of course, because…

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Overenthusiastic, saying goodbye, and wise words

Dear Diary, Apparently, I was way too enthusiastic about my energy and goals yesterday. I’m paying for that today. I was feeling better, so I had a fraction of my energy back and decided to go into straight writing beast mode. Well, I woke up today feeling all kinds of worse. I still got things…

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50%, being loved, and audiobooks galore

Dear Diary, I’ll start this entry off with a social media post I made earlier today:   Thanks to everyone who has been messaging me wishing me well. I’m still sick, but my temperature has gone way down (finally out of the triple digits) and overall I’d say I’m at about 50%. Still being productive,…

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This is Anne

Dear Diary, This is Anne. Alexa, best friend  I am getting help for Natalie to write the diary  Alexa is sick she been sleeping all day long. I am making feel better. I made her some chicken noodle soup to eat. And I been giving her l cold water bottle and medical to take. Thank…

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Dear Diary, Guess who’s sick? This wench. I’m just glad this happened after a long, productive week of writing. And during the weekend. Another side benefit? Rebecca and Anne are babying me while I lay in bed and play on my phone, mainly using it to take notes on The Qedesha’s Handmaiden and another book…

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A Motherfucking Princess

Dear Diary, My post on social media earlier pretty much sums up my day:   “This has been one of those surreal, warped days where nothing feels right and everything just seems out of place and weird. Not that it matters. That’s just seasoning for an extended #AmWriting and #AmEditing session! #WritingPimpstress”   In truth,…

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Hitting the ground running. And feels.

Dear Diary, I practically sprang out of bed bright and early this morning and jumped on my laptop, ready to churn out some serious author work. And churn I did. The Qedesha’s Handmaiden has now been completely outlined, and tomorrow I’m going to work on the rough draft. I’m so excited about this story it’s…

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