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Fighting with Amazon. Again.

So yeah, Amazon is giving me hell over my latest book, Taken. Because of the content. Which is not surprising at all, and which I’m pretty much not changing. I wrote them a super-sweet and polite letter informing them of this, and I’m expecting a letter telling me they’re not publishing it as a result.…

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I could not quit dreaming last night. It’s was like I was hit with one dream after another in a parade of nonsensical but entertaining visions. Loved it. Hated that I woke up feeling so exhausted as a result of it, though. Like I was binge watching something truly mesmerizing all night long. I bet…

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Peanut Butter, Pretzel, Banana, and Mayonnaise Sandwich

So Anne and I are rocking through Walmart looking for something quick to eat for dinner (and stocking up on my Ambrosia ingredients) and this guy is giving out samples of some kind of sandwich. So of course, Anne and I slide our way on over there to check it out. It’s a peanut butter,…

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Skyrim. And Coffee Wasted.

The title sums up my entire day. Skyrim. I’ve developed a damn Skyrim addiction, and all I did all day was play it. And modded the hell out of it (I have the PC version, which runs beautifully on my new laptop). Not only did I spend all day playing that cursed game, I plan…

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Death by Selfie

So I spent most of my day waiting in the doctor’s office with Anne – which I’m completely cool with, because Anne’s my girl, and girls don’t let their girls go to the doctors by themselves. Girl Code. I even managed to get a ton of writing done while we waited. However. Hands down the…

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Eating the Flesh of Your Coworker

So lately I’ve been on this Santa Clarita Diet kick. It’s a Netflix original series about this housewife that suddenly develops the taste for human flesh – but done in a quirky, comedic kind of way. It kind of has the Kimmy Schmidt (who also happens to be my spirit animal) vibe to it. You’d have…

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A Creature of Habit

So I found out today just how much of a creature of habit I am: A HUGE ONE. See, I had to be at work and hour early today because I had to get off at around lunch and my boss wanted me to get as many hours in as I could, so I thoughts…

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I got a lot of things done today author wise! I edited Taken based on the input of my Beta Reader Hit Squad (it will be released the first of next month, FYI), did some major editing / writing on Voyeur, my upcoming episodic erotica series (that my newsletter subscribers get absolutely FREE), damn near…

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I Wanna Write!

Went to work and could not get my writing out of my head – I kept opening up Google Keep and jotting notes down. And then I received an email from Richie from Kinky Literature (a website I single-handedly took over a few months ago) informing me of the following:   “Hi Alexa, just wanted to…

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My Neck

So I’ve been walking around all day today with an annoying crick in my neck that I somehow ended up getting. Normally something like that would be from sleeping funny or something, but I didn’t get it until midway through the day. Maybe J.C. karate chopped me during my nap… Anyway. This was another lazy…

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