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Bed Day

I want to apologize to everyone I didn’t respond to today – this Sunday was all about stepping away from the electronics, leaving the writing alone, and spending time with the people that matter the most to me. Like the girlfriend and brother units. I stayed in bed almost the entire day, played on the…

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Off The Market

So without going into full author mode and detailing out our conversation: we worked everything out, and are officially back together! I know I was overly impatient on the resolution process, but in reality, she had some genuinely valid points that she needed to think about and I needed to listen to. Like spending too…

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Still waiting!

I am not the most patient person. If you even remotely know me, you already know this. I am a very goal-driven, persistent individual who would rather chew her own arm off than wait for someone else to do something. When there is a problem, I like to solve it ASAP, and then move on…

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She said she needed some time to think. Which shouldn’t have pissed me off, but for some reason it did. Not that I let her know that. I simply told her I understood (lie), would be patient (lie) and would give her all the space she needed (probably a lie – too soon to tell).…

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I’m Retarded

A little-known fact about me: when I have a lot on my mind, I can’t sleep. I just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling, wondering if I should message someone or maybe even wake my brother. I already have a hard time “turning off” and going to sleep; when something is on my…

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Moving On

So I woke up this morning to the smell of pancakes. As I floated out of bed and drifted towards the kitchen, all the events of yesterday came flooding into my mind. Luckily I reached the kitchen before I went into full emo mode. My brother, who rarely cooks (he’s one of those I’m happy…

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Breakup Sex

There are few things in the world as bittersweet as breakup sex. Especially when you really care about the person, and there’s no way you can see to fix the problems that have been slowly corroding your relationship. I’m obviously talking about Rebecca. She called me up last night and said that we needed to…

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Half of the day was spent hanging out at the besties house (I still hadn’t left from my initial kidnapping Friday) and the other half was spent doing what I usually do on Sundays: trying to slack as hard as humanly possible. I think I managed to do a pretty respectable job of it today.…

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I think somewhere along the way my Diary entries ended up transforming into a blog, and when I realized that earlier today, it really startled me. I know, “startled” is kind of an extreme word choice, but you need to understand why I started doing this to begin with: to record my thoughts, feelings, and…

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The only thing of note that really happened today was my writing getting completely assassinated by my bestie, who decided to kidnap me for the day and force me at gunpoint to spend the night. I barely had time to pack up my laptop (what I’m writing this entry on now) before she forced me…

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