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That Time Of The Month

It’s getting closer. That time of the month. And no, I don’t mean my period – I mean the end of it. The month, that is. Not my period. I’m not even on my period. God, I hate words sometimes! 😀 If you even remotely know me, you know that the end of the month…

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Writing Fugue

These past couple of days I’ve been in a writing fugue, and it shows. Of course, because of that, I’ve ended up once again neglecting the girlfriend and brother units, though me and my assistant Natalie have become much closer. 😄 If you only knew. Anyway, my current project, Programming Sophia, is making me want…

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People Watcher

Yes, I’m a people watcher. It was part of the reason I was so interested in doing a storyline like Voyeur (for those of you getting my newsletter, you’ll be getting a free copy of it this month – and each episode after). I think people give away a lot about themselves without even trying;…

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A Typical Sunday

I try to get things done on Sunday. I really do. It just never seems to work out that way. Today, for example, I had this list of tasks I wanted to complete, knocked out two, and…played Breath of the Wild on Anne’s Nintendo Switch / Skyrim on my laptop for the rest of the…

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Hunt for the Nintendo Switch REMATCH

We finally found that motherfucker! The Bestie and I screeched in front of Toys R Us an hour before it opened only to find a line of people already there waiting. People that must have gotten there hours before us. And when the employees came out handing people purchase tickets we were next to last…

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Kerem & Jamie

These two gentlemen completely made my day. Not only did they honor me by reading / listening to one of my creations, but they also took time out of their busy lives to leave invaluable reviews on Amazon to boot! Things like this give me hope for men in general. There actually are good ones…

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Hunt for the Nintendo Switch

Almost my entire day was spent running around trying to find my bestie a Nintendo Switch, since she just has to have one. It was really depressing, especially when we looked online. People are really trying to get over on people. Taking a $300 console and marking it up to $500+ is ridiculous… Make a…

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A Strange Day

Yeah, today was a strange as hell day. I barely got any work-work done today because my office computer was literally updating until lunch. And then after work I hung out with some co-workers instead of coming straight home and writing like I normally do. And then when I got home I walked in on…

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