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Pickle Milk

So my big brother J.C. almost strangled me today for no real reason. Here’s how it all went down: we were eating breakfast this morning and I was gearing up for my writing marathon, and I wasn’t really in the mood to eat anything serious, so I made a cup of coffee and grabbed a…

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Slept in

So I disabled the alarm Saturday so I could sleep in on Sunday, then forgot to re-enable it last night – so I ended up sleeping in and missing a bit of work. Which pretty much set the entire tone for my day. Not that I had a bad day or anything, it was just…

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Good Feels

So my day was almost completely made several minutes after waking up this morning. I decided to check my audiobook sales, something I do every few days, and noticed Nephilim: Daybreak was getting a lot of attention (downloads) this month. So I decided to click on it and see what kind of reviews it was…

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Butt Naked Skyrim

So I sat down this morning after sleeping in for a bit (until 8 AM) and went on a writing rampage, mostly working on No, Daddy! I’m (still) Not Mommy!. My book for next month, Paying His Debts, is already being evaluated by my Beta Reader Hit Squad, but until I get their opinions back,…

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Gay / Lesbian Pride

I’m bisexual. This shouldn’t be a secret to anyone that even remotely knows me. Which is why I was kind of amused when I got a semi-hostile email this morning from what I can only assume was a Nazi-lesbian asking me why I never advertised this fact, or why I’m not a member of any gay…

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This entry is going to be shit – mainly because I just got home 10 minutes ago and still have things to do before I go to bed – and I have to be up bright and early for work tomorrow. So I’m sorry. I promise tomorrow’s entry will be much better. 😀 Thanks in advance…

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Rebecca Questions Everything

So Rebecca asked me three very interesting questions today: why I write solely erotica, would I ever write anything besides erotica, and why I write a daily (public) diary. They were interesting not because of the uniqueness of the questions (I get asked variations of them all the time) but because of the way she…

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See, I knew this was going to be a busy week, but I had no idea shit would start hitting the fan the second I opened my eyes. Too many things to list, but trust me, day was crazy. 😄 Not that it was bad. Just…crazy. And I never got around to watching Gone Girl…

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She didn’t kill me :-D

A transcript of a conversation that took place around lunchtime today (my phone automatically records all my calls, so this is verbatim what was said) Rebecca: So I hear you’re having hormone issues. Me: Damn J.C… Rebecca: (After laughing) Yeah, right. I read your Diary, bitch. Out of all the pictures you have of me,…

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Weird Feels. And Possible Murder by Girlfriend

You ever had one of those days where your emotions just don’t make sense? Like, everything feels off, and you can’t figure out why? That is how I’ve been all day, and I chalk this up to one of two things – I’m not sure which: Lack of sex lately (as in, the past two…

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