My Little Homie

I had an interesting conversation today with someone online while I was finishing up the yellow edit of Nephilim.

They sent me a simple little question, asking me if I drew the images I posted, to which I responded no, I simply post images I like or that are in the vein of the message I’m trying to convey.

They then told me they were shocked that I responded.

When I asked if it was because I was a girl or something he said no, it was because I was an author, and, you know, authors usually don’t.
To which I responded that this one does. And always will. It may not be an immediate response, but I will always respond.

That’s one of the things I like about a friend of my brother’s, a famous author whom I’ll leave nameless because I’m really not trying to name drop: even though she is successful as hell and nearly everyone knows her name, she takes the time to personally respond to all of her fans. It may not be long responses, or even immediate ones, but she always does. That really touched me when I learned that, and I vowed that no matter how successful I became I would be the exact same way.

So far, so good.

People, I’m not one of those aloof, distant authors with their heads in their asses that lets success inflate their ego to the point of literal retardation. I’m approachable. You got a question? Ask it. Comment? I’m listening. Flirtation? Sure, I’m game. Just keep things respectful, and we’ll get along famously.

After all, like I told my little homie earlier who thought I wouldn’t respond: I’m a human, just like you. Period.

I think I made a new friend today. ?

Anyway, I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Be nice to one another.



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