A good day…

I feel like that Ice Cube song. I woke up to a shocking number of overnight audiobook sales, some eBook sales of titles that usually aren’t bestsellers, and my brother making me peanut butter blueberry pancakes! Which I am a complete slut for. I’m telling you, the things I would do for those things…it’s not pretty…

I think the best – and worst – part of my day was my writing, however.

I say best because I’ve truly grown to love my little Nephilim story, and working on it is always a lot of fun. I say worst because I’ve reached the point where I have to STOP working on it and give my beta readers a chance to tear through it. It’s like watching one of your children go away to college or something. Not that I’ve ever had that happen (children in general), but I imagine this is what it would feel like.

It’s…god I hate to say this, but it’s bittersweet.

I experience something like this with all my stories (OK, not so much the Quickies ones) to one degree or another, but never as much as with this one. I poured a lot of myself into this book (this series, really) so it’s going to be interesting to see how what my beta readers make of it.

I’ll let you all know.

For now, I’m jumping onto my final story for the year: Mya. I’m ending the year with a bang…



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