We are all prostitutes… 😄

I realized I was a prostitute today.

Maybe I should explain.

I started my day out talking to a prostitute. I didn’t seek her out or anything, she just walked up to me as I was waiting for the bus early as hell this morning and started chatting me up. She was saying how she had to pee and people were too nosey so she couldn’t, how she was trying to make her money before her kids started going to school, how she lived in the area and it was full of perverts and assholes.

She didn’t ask for anything. She was actually quite nice. Dressed a little funny, but otherwise normal. I probably would have been nicer and more social had I been more awake and prepared for the conversation, so mainly I just smiled and nodded.

But I listened, and maybe that’s why she kept talking.

It was an interesting way to start the day, but it did put me in a thoughtful mood as we separated and I got on the bus.

I know many girls who have been down that route, girls you would never in a million years suspect. And I see the appeal of it. Of course, knowing these girls like I do, I also see the dark side of it.

And that got me thinking about porn.

Aren’t porn stars just prostitutes being filmed? They’re getting paid for sex with strangers, right?

Which led me to think a bit further.

What about the rest of us? We have jobs, and get paid to use our skills for someone else’s benefit. So, in a way, we’re all prostitutes – instead of prostituting our bodies, however, we’re prostituting our minds.

Which, in a way, is kind of worse.

So, in conclusion: we are all prostitutes!

Which is how I realized that I was a prostitute today. 😄

Other than that soul shattering revelation, it was pretty much a basic day: writing, working, and being me. Basic days are nice sometimes. Especially on Mondays, which are my arch-enemy.

Anyway, goodnight world.


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