I woke up this morning with my eyes red and absolutely no motivation at all. While I was slithering across my room getting ready, my brother walked in with a plate of blueberry pancakes – and my day got instantly better.

God I love that man sometimes. Most of the time. 😄

AND, I actually ran EARLY for everything today!

I didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted to, however, because I got called in to work (even though it’s my day off). Which I don’t mind. More money, holidays coming up, etc.

Strangely, after I got this job, my book / audiobook / paperback sales jumped. They were good to begin with, but after I got this job they nearly doubled. Especially audiobooks. Life is funny sometimes…

Anyway, need to get to bed so I can do the whole work thing again tomorrow – this weekend I am writing until my fingers bleed!

Goodnight, loves.


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