Almost done!!!

I’m only a few hours of work away from sending Nephilim to my beta readers (if I hadn’t been called in to work today, it would have already been sent), and to be honest, I’m really nervous about it.

It’s such a drastic change from the kinds of stories I normally write, and I’m really hoping everyone likes it. I’m looking forward to the opinions of my beta readers, and one of the things I already know they’re going to say is “more sex!” 😄

And I will put a few more sexy moments in the story, but I don’t want the sex to take away from the actual story itself. It’s going to be a tightrope walk. A fun tightrope walk.

Anyway, I wanted to publicly apologize to Harold for ditching him on our date night because if work calling me in – I’m really sorry, sweetie, and I promise I’ll make up for it soon.

The next entry I wrote, hopefully, will be announcing Nephilims release to my beta readers.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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