International Kiss A Ginger Day!

So I posted a few months back declaring it international #KissAGingerDay – and someone happened to unearth it and retweet it this morning, which caused my Twitter to go absolutely insane for several hours after. I’m not complaining at all, either, because I love interacting with you guys; it’s just funny to me how something like an old, at the time largely ignored post can suddenly become attention-getting if the right person retweets it. There’s probably a lesson there somewhere if I wanted to dig deep enough to find it. 😀

Apparently my being a strong supporter of lesbian and gay rights reverberates with a few people. It’s something I don’t talk about often because 1) I’m not a cartoon character and 2) it’s all over my website and social media. I’m one of those people that would rather represent something with my lifestyle choices than my words.

Which is kind of the reason I’m so skeptical of religion – though I’m nowhere near as deist as my brother is. I think I’m a lot more open-minded, actually, but then, he’s studied theology for over half of his life. Me, I kind of just flutter around.

Which is pretty much how I’ve been feeling mentally all day. It’s my own fault because I stayed up most of the night reading – something I’m completely not sorry about – though it has made the day a bit more interesting. I’m not really tired, just a bit scatter-brained.

Which is exactly why I’m going to bed early tonight!

Until tomorrow my loves!






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