Qedesha: Sacred Prostitution is officially a paperback!

So I made the mistake of drinking a small 8 oz. cup of coffee today. I couldn’t help it: Anne was napping, which means I had most of the lights turned down, which made me start to get tired, and I thought to myself self, what harm could a little tiny 8 oz. cup of coffee truly do? I know you haven’t drunk a drop in over 2 months, but still. It’s only 8 oz.!

So I drank one tiny, insignificant, infinitesimal 8 oz. cup.

Once I came out of my fugue about 8 hours later, I found that I’d written for over 5 hours straight, interacted my ass off on all my social media accounts, dealt with all my email, conversed with a narrator wanting to create the Qedesha audiobook (she’s really good!), burned through every one of my tasks (both current and past), cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, made dinner, re-created and inserted the graphics for the inside of my next novelette, and read an entire erotic novelette. Oh, and blazed through about 13 comics that I had purchased a long time ago in Google Play Books.

And now my brain feels like mush and my energy level is comparable to a sloth on Prozac.

I fucks with coffee. 😀

Oh yeah: Qedesha is finally available in paperback form for only $6.99! It really came out beautiful, and I absolutely fell in love with the way the cover looks on it. I have an amazing cover artist. Dude is a genius.

Anyway, that has pretty much been my day in a nutshell.

Until tomorrow.






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