A Conversation

Every once in a while I like to post a conversation on my Diary page – not to shame anyone (I usually conceal the name of the other party if it’s a negative convo) but to give you an example of the kinds of things people say to me privately. Sometimes it’s amusing, sometimes annoying, and sometimes infuriating.

This conversation?

Well, it speaks for itself…

HIM: Still busy?

ME: Not at the moment. What’s up?

HIM: Not much just staying home

ME: Me too. About to cuddle up with my big brother and watch a movie. Which one, I have no idea yet.

HIM: Oh something horror movie

ME: He loves those. Me not so much.

HIM: Oh how about something romantic movies

ME: Good idea! He hates those, too, so it’s perfect.

HIM: How about porn,I’m sure you’ll both like:)

ME: You want me to watch porn with my brother?

ME: Is that the kind of thing your family does together for fun?

HIM: Of course not I was just kidding,sorry I said that

ME: Thank you for the apology. Since this is your first offense, I’ll chalk it up to being goofy and not creepy. All is forgiven. I WILL take your romance suggestion though. He’ll absolutely hate that! But he DID tell me we could watch any movie I wanted, so..

HIM: Sounds so serious “first offence

HIM: Yeah that’s good he let you decide

ME: As far as the first offense thing goes, you need to understand: guys tend to have a habit – especially on the internet – of thinking they can say anything they want to a girl just because they are not face to face with her. So they get lewd, retardedly flirtatious, and generally just offensive. They do things they would never do in real life if the girl was right in front of them. And I think that’s pathetic. A man should be a man at all times, in all situations, not just when he’s face to face with someone. But then, there is a big difference between men and boys, and boys I tend to block because I’ve never been a fan of immaturity and sarcasm.

HIM: I understand and again I’m sorry:(

HIM: I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings

ME: It’s all good! Seriously!

HIM: Thanks

ME: You didn’t hurt my feelings, don’t worry. I’m a big girl. But my hand was hovering over the block button for a second. People sometimes think that because I’m young and somewhat pretty that I’m automatically stupid or submissive. I’m not. Far from it.

The conversation after this point smoothed out and became fairly mundane.


Moving on…


The Cowboys / Green Bay game just ended, and I’m not gonna lie, I am absolutely heartbroken. Looks like I’m done watching football until next season. 🙁

Just out of curiosity, who do you guys think will be in the Super Bowl? I should hold some kind of competition…

Anyway, goodnight loves. Until tomorrow.






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