Sorry about yesterday, guys. I kind of got hit with a lot of things hours before my Diary entry time, and when things hit me like that I tend to cocoon and just analyze everything.

Which led me to realize that I tend to over dramatize things; it has a lot to do with my past, but as a grown woman I should be passed that by now. People are going to have fights, especially if they care about each other. Hell, me and my big brother fight all the time, and I absolutely adore him.

My new assistant, Natalie*, thinks I’m reading too much into me and Rebecca’s fight, and after talking with Rebecca all throughout the day (via text and phone) I have to agree with her. Of course, Natalie also thinks my brother is the next best thing to god, even though he actively (almost insultingly) ignores her, so her judgment isn’t always to be trusted. 😄

So to summarize: me and Rebecca are still together. 🙃

And on that note: goodnight. I have thangs to do. 😏






* No bitches, I’m not getting bougie, and I still (and always will) answer all my email and social media myself – they only reason I now have an assistant is to answer messages while I’m writing. Because, see, I HATE to be disturbed when I’m in my zone, so when someone else messages me Natalie identifies herself then responds that I’m writing and notes who messaged so I can get back to them when I finish. She’s a godsend. AND she’s a cutie! 😱



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