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There’s something about Sundays that just makes me want to be as lazy as humanly possible. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem, except that I had big plans for the day. I even woke up bright and early, ready to rip the day a new one writing-wise, even got so far as to turn on my phone to hurry up and process small little things like email and social media-

Only to wake up about four hours later.

I have no idea what happened. 😀

And then, to make things even stranger (cause, you know, my life isn’t already strange enough as it is) my boss messaged me telling me there won’t be any work Monday because the power’s out and isn’t expected to be back on until sometime later in the week.

So guess how much writing this chick is going to get done?? Go on, guess!

A-fucking-lot! 😛

Which brings me to Programming Sophia. I finally finished the rough draft! I’ve already started the Red Edit, though it’s going to be a bloody one, so I don’t see it getting done today. But Still. Tomorrow it should be finished, and I should move on to the Yellow Edit. After the Yellow Edit it’s pretty much smooth sailing, so soon I get to work on the next episode of my beloved Voyeur series! If you guys thought Season 1, Episode 1 was weird, wait until you check out Episode 2…

Anyway, goodnight my loves. I have writing to do before I finally knock out.

If you’ve read the first episode of Voyeur, drop me a line and let me know what you think!







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