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Anne’s mouth. 😲

Dear Diary, It is fucking hot outside, people! I mean, offensively hot! I didn’t realize just how hot it got during the day (I’m usually indoors working) but I had to take Anne to the dentist (34 root canals) and damn. 😖 And to make matters worse: I couldn’t get that motherfucking song The Humpty…

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It’s almost that time of the month!

Dear Diary, Alexa® had a rough day today – and last night. See, I decided to take Memorial Day off from writing and just spend time with my friends and family, which went fantastic at first – until later in the night when Anne wouldn’t let me sleep because she forced me to play Skyrim…

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The fattest pussy I’ve ever seen! 😳

Dear Diary, For those of you who came here to read this based on the title alone: you got clickbaited, motherfucker. 😅 The pussy I’m talking about is my new friend’s cat, which is hu-fucking-mongous! I mean, I can damn near ride this cat! Remember He-Man’s mount, Battle Cat? Has to be a relative or…

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Pushing through it

Dear Diary, I woke up today not feeling the whole writing thing. At all. I went through the usual rituals, sat down in front of my laptop, and stared blankly at the screen as coffee sludged its way through my system. First thing I had to decide was what story I wanted to work on…

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Dear Diary, Busy busy busy busy busy… Absolutely nothing entertaining happened today. All I did was author things. All. Fricking. Day. I did this because during the weekend I try and give myself a break from writing-related things, so I wanted to get as much done as I could. The result? Well. I finished the…

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Giving it to my besties doggie 😳

Dear Diary, I know it been a few days since my last entry, but I have several good reasons for that: life sucks ass. I posted something on social media earlier today that succinctly describes why I’ve been absent these past few days:   They say bad things come in threes…   Swamped with Real…

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Why I was twitching and an epic resting bitch face

Dear Diary, I had no idea how tightly I was wound up until I took the day off and was practically forced to unwind. Just relaxing alone was amazing, but spending the majority of the day with Rebecca made it so much better. It was like I exhaled a breath I didn’t even know I…

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Anne squirting and why Facebook sucks ass

Dear Diary, Anne and I apparently have abandonment issues. She went to her doctor’s appointment today to get the results of a blood test she took several weeks back (results: bougie-itis) and even though I usually go with her, I stayed behind so I could work on author stuff – mainly the fine-tuning of Good…

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What dat mouf do?!

Dear Diary, Anne is hostile at the moment. I spent almost all day at the dentist with her because we got tired of waiting for word back from the first place we went to, only to be told that she has something like three dozen things wrong with her mouth that need to be fixed.…

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