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I’m getting sick!

I really hope I’m not though! Especially since I got my post-its down to like 5, and I planned on knocking the rest of them out and catching up on all the writing time I owe (about 11 hours now). And tomorrow I’m supposed to be taking my client (I really wish I could name her, but I respect her privacy too much for that) shopping. She’s looking forward to it so much, so I can’t let her down. I’ll just have to hide it. Luckily, she doesn’t know I keep an online diary, or that I even have a website for that matter. 😀

I really do think I’m getting sick though. Mainly because I’m coughing like a professional smoker and my energy has been rapidly going downhill. I keep wanting to nap. The main reason this alarms me is because I’m a health-freak, and I take really good care of myself – meanwhile, my brother, who works out 30 minutes a day and pops a multi-vitamin and that’s it, never ever gets sick. God I hate him sometimes. I should go spider-monkey his ass right now until he gets sick too!


😀 I can see his face now! It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seemingly randomly spider-monkeyed him!


I can deal with being sick, but it’s the depleted energy thing that’s really killing me. See, high energy (too much energy, really) has never been my problem, so that’s how I know something’s wrong…




Amazon is making me change the cover to my latest release, “When Daddy Was Away” (soon to be made into a Nickelodeon Kids movie) because it apparently violated one of their policies. Something about not showing vagina on the cover or something. Prudes. (Really, though, it didn’t. But it came close. Too close for them to be comfortable with, apparently.)


Other than being a task-completing beast, I did get a lot of writing done today – and I can’t wait to do even more. Right now I’m working on the end story in Nephilim… see, at the end of each of the books there will be a mini story that continues through the span of the entire 5 book series. What is in that mini story and why its there to begin with you’ll have to see, but trust me, it will be… interesting. I’m definitely having a lot of fun doing it.


I think I’m going to close so I can take a long, hot bath and try to get myself feeling better before I get to feeling any worse. Wish me luck.


As always,


And sincerely,




  1. Richie on September 3, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    Didn’t wait for an answer about using the comment form. Feel better, Alexa

    • Alexa Nichols on September 3, 2016 at 6:22 pm

      Thanks cutie! Sorry I didn’t email you back (yet), this bug or whatever it is just hit me HARD and I kind of just shut down. ?

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