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Three more months to go…

Sometimes I get frustrated with how slow things move. I mean, I have a huge list of goals as a writer, and it seems like no matter how hard I push myself during the day I don’t accomplish anywhere near what I feel I should. Maybe I need to tweak my schedule a bit more, like only respond to emails and social media on the weekends or something… I need to try and squeeze as much author time as I can out of the day. I already bring my laptop to work and pound away on it during my downtime…

I’ll figure it out.

I actually did get a few author related things done today after I finished unpacking from our move: I made a paperback out of “The Secret Life of Miel”, made a paperback out of “When Daddy Was Away”, worked a bit on Nephilim, and started crafting another Quickies story just to take a brief break from the whole Nephilim experience. It should be out soon. I’ll keep you updated.

Speaking of being updated, I discovered today that I actually sell more paperback books in the United Kingdom than the United States! What’s up with that? I sell way more eBooks in the United States, but when it comes to paperbacks… I expect some prompt patriotism here, people! Don’t let me down! 😛

There are only three more months left in the year!!! Where the hell did the year go?? There is actually more significance to that statement than you may know, because after this year I’m taking a bit of a break from writing. 2017 Will pretty much be my writing vacation. I’m going to try and crank out as much work as possible before the end of the year, and my backlog of projects is staggering (finishing my novel Mya, starting my erotic retelling of some of the classics in a series titled “Unchained”, yet another series focusing on sexual experiments and escapades with mythological creatures like Zombies and Vampires called “Sexperiments”, the novel Devious Bitches, and so much more. Seriously. My backlog is ridiculous.)

And while it seems like a lot of things (and it is) I’m really looking forward to doing all of it. This is extremely fun for me, and I’m really glad you guys have been so receptive to me and my works. The synergy makes it even more entertaining, and often bleeds into my “real life” more than you know.

I even talk about some of you with my brother, who is getting to know you through me. If I talk to you almost every day, or at least a long email every week, then you are who I’m talking about. (Richard, Harold, Jamie, etc.!)

So feel flattered. He generally doesn’t like anyone (we are so night and day), but he’s growing kind of fond of some of you!


Be warned, until the end of the year, my goal is to flood the interwebs with as much Alexa as possible. And, of course, even during my vacation I’ll be doing my diary entry every day, so I won’t be completely off the grid… damn, this year needs to slow the fuck down already!!!

Enjoy me while you can, my loves. I promise I’ll make it a freaky ride. 😛


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